Purchase Agreement

Charlotte FC Single-Match Suite Rental Agreement

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

LICENSEE and all of LICENSEE’s invitees shall at all times maintain proper decorum while using the Suite and shall abide by all applicable governmental laws, ordinances, orders, directions, rules and regulations and by such rules and regulations as are adopted and revised from time to time by Panthers Stadium, LLC, for the Suite or for the Stadium. LICENSEE may purchase food and beverages only from the caterer retained by Panthers Stadium, LLC, to service the suites. No food or beverages other than those purchased from such caterer may be either prepared or consumed in the Suite and no food or beverages may be taken from the Suite. LICENSEE shall be responsible for, and shall promptly pay to such caterer, all bills for food and beverages furnished by such caterer in connection with the use of the Suite, as well as any taxes applicable to such food and beverages. LICENSEE agrees that, following the event or game for which LICENSEE has access to the Suite, the Suite and the furnishings and property therein shall be returned to Panthers Stadium, LLC, in the same condition as received by LICENSEE, ordinary wear and tear excepted. In the event more than one person or entity has signed as LICENSEE, then the term “LICENSEE” shall include each such person or entity and each shall be jointly and severally liable for all costs, expenses and damages incurred in connection with their use of the suite. Tailgate Policy. Lot 1 will open no more than three (3) hours prior to kick-off. Use of the parking spaces, including tailgating, is subject to the rules and policies of the lot owners. Violations of the lot owner rules and policies could result in adverse consequences.